Tim Weiser was born in Shirley, Massachusetts, raised as a military brat, and traveled all over the world with his parents. As a child, influenced by family and friends, Tim found great pleasure in drawing, painting and building things. During his school years, Tim was fascinated by all methods of building and mediums of art. Tim loved to work with his hands; when he was thirteen years old, he took a part his brand-new BMX bike that he received for his birthday and used the parts to make his own bike shop in his back yard. Tim’s first rebuilt bicycle was a chopper that he hand painted in a black and white checkered pattern; he has been making and building things ever since.
If there was a flyer to make or a poster to design for a school or local function, Tim was always up to the task. Due to Tim’s preoccupation with art (and daydreaming)—not academics— advanced schooling was not an option. Tim joined the military and continued pursuit of creative arts through self-study and various projects throughout the years.
Tim’s craftmanship and artistic style has evolved over the years, influenced by many locations and experiences. Jumping forward 20 years, Tim finally had the opportunity to attend a formal fine arts program, opening a new world of possibilities to create art. Now, Tim strives to improve his artistic skill with every new project he undertakes, big or small, there’s always something to learn.
As a small business owner, Tim understands that dedication to one’s passion is necessary to become successful and to develop professionally. To become better at his craft, Tim dedicates time each day to work in his personal studio in Germany, practicing in different mediums.