Arezzo, Italy



In December 2018, Tim and I traveled to Arezzo, Italy, about 4 hours away from Vicenza. Arezzo is an old Roman town that is known for its medieval architecture, goldsmiths, and antiques. The first Sunday of every month and the Saturday before, inside the city walls of Arezzo, in Piazza Signorelli, takes place the antique market of Cortona. The market hosts over 100 vendors and is overwhelming to say the least! The winding, narrow streets are filled with hustle and bustle of vendors selling everything imaginable….furniture, old oil paintings, salvage, ceramics…

We stayed at an AirBnb near the pedestrian zone and even learned a bit of history while there: do you know why Tuscan bread is unsalted? Well, salt was heavily taxed during the Middle Ages so the bakers in Tuscany revolted and started going without. Even after the tax was lifted, the unsalted bread tradition remained. Tuscan bread is intended for eating along with a main meal that has salt (and sometimes lots of it) so it’s meant to compliment a meal.

We had a terrific time sightseeing, sampling the local cuisine (to include the wine!), and walking around this old, yet vibrant town.